Objectives SWBAT
Intro to Figure and Mixed media project.

PowerPoint presentation including vocabulary terms, art historical information on artist: Romare Bearden.

Discussion of central figure in narrative mixed media collage.

Short Video on Romare Bearden review of narrative collage concepts, figure ground etc.

Students will view selected examples of RB’s figurative collages

Brainstorm significant events-either historic, contemporary events or personal to use as theme for figurative collage
SWBAT create thumbnail sketches of ideas for figure and mixed media collage.

Reflect upon how various culture influences art making orally and/or in writing
Assessment handout
Reflect upon how various culture influences art making orally and/or in writing

Articulate responses by using art terms and concepts

Each student must start a collage file for figure collage using found images from magazines. This can include computer-generated images.
1.3.D1-5, 1.4.B1-4, 1.5B1-2
Concepts reviewed: Distortion of figure, asymmetrical balance composition, figure ground and center of interest.

Intro to use of color schemes in project.
Analogous or Complementary

Sketchbook ideas for narrative ideas. Must choose idea and support it thru the collage and color choices.

Continue to collect photos for collage. Start to work on central figure of collage
Apply knowledge from previous exercises regarding collage concepts including layering, Center of interest by creating a central figure to be used in narrative collage.

Demonstrate understanding of principles of design in composing artwork
(A-symmetrical balance, Contrast, Repetition)

Articulate responses using art vocabulary.

Demonstrate and understanding of Distortion and asymmetry thru use of color and scale and exaggeration of central figure.
Completion of practice collage of central figure using collage techniques and layering. Figure must be defined by use of distortion.
Central figure must be used somewhere in final collage narrative.

Participate in class discussion.

Collection of photo images for narrative collage.
Project continues.

Students complete background of collage 1st. Must utilize the idea of contrast and strong central figure.
After completion background work on figures in foreground.

Students work on color scheme and make choices that help convey the mood support the narrative.
Apply previous knowledge of collage techniques including layering and contrast.

Apply knowledge from previous exercises using
Fore-ground, middle ground and background by completing the background before working on fore-ground

Successfully completing a color scheme based on either Analogous or Complementary colors

Use collage techniques to successfully layer images.

Apply the concept of figure distortion to neatly apply images to create central figure.

Explore the limits of mixed media collage to activate a narrative composition.
Use of collage files.

Active participation.

Application of collage techniques to collage.
1.3D.1-4 1.1-1.3
Collage is completed.

Students must include a written narrative that supports their collage.

Group critique
Work in-group to discuss aesthetic viewpoints.

Will provide informed support to one another.

Articulate responses using art vocabulary terms.
Participate in class discussion.

Students to discuss individual narratives.

Completion of mixed media figure collage with narrative.
1.3.12.D.2 1.4.2.A.311.4.5.B.1